Home Decor on a Budget

Home Decor on a Budget

Home Decor on a Budget

Nothing in the world beats a bit of home decorating and there aren't many feelings that rival that feeling of walking into a new house. For a fresh look very little cost is needed if you know what you are looking for and know where to save your money by doing it yourself.

Mirror frame - 

A mirror is a statement piece for any room. The pure nature of a mirror reflecting has a strange effect in a room in which it makes the room appear to be larger than it actually is, and almost any room can be corrected and perfected with the addition of a mirror. But how can you do this as cheaply as possible, yet still making the product look good?
One way that an old mirror can be brought back to life is by painting the wooden frame using a technique called ‘whitewashing’. This is when a mixture of paint and water is used to lightly coat the wood frame, giving a transparent effect and look. This can make old, colourless or damaged wood look much better as it brightens the look of the wood whilst simultaneously helping the natural grain to show through. It would also help to smooth down any parts of the wood that may be rough as it provides a layer over the wood. 
white washed wood

For even better results, using a glossy white spray paint can provide a bold, strong colour on your wood and is in most cases a much quicker process than whitewashing the wood. 

Decals - 

Want to help the mirror stand out even more? Why not try one of our mirror decals, which can be applied with ease with fantastic results. All of our decals come with application instructions so it's super easy to transform your own mirror on a budget. [https://www.studioyelle.com/blogs/news/how-to-apply-vinyl-mirror-decals

Motivational - 
Need a little boost in the morning to motivate you for a tiresome day? One of our decals, such as our ‘You’re Bloody Fantastic’ mirror decal to remind yourself how bloody fantastic you are!

Entryway  - 
Our letterbox decals, such as our ‘Welcome’ decal are the perfect addition to your front door letterbox, greeting whoever it may be who comes to your home with our signature hand-lettered style.

Some mirrors are close to the entry to a home, so why not greet your guests with a ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ decal? for only £5.95?

Forgetful too? Add a ‘Phone, Purse, Keys’ decal to your mirror to give you that one last reminder before you leave the house for only £5.95.

Bathroom Mirror - 
Transform your bathroom mirror in no time with our ‘Hey! Wash Your Hands’ mirror to not only make your mirror look better, but remind you of the always important washing your hands!

Pen Pot - 
One fun project is making a can pen pot. Using an empty and cleaned tin, hot glue and rope or twine, the rope can be wrapped around the tin in a tight coil. This provides a cover for the tin and if you were to paint this string before it was wrapped around then it could be coloured to your liking. This DIY pen pot can be created to be used to hold all of your bits and pieces, whether it be pens or makeup brushes. 
Feeling a little lazy? Why not purchase one of our own ‘Personalised Pen Pots’ instead of making your own? 

Decoration - 
So now you have your new, upcycled mirror above your fireplace, but what about ornaments? There are also many ways that you can save money when buying ornaments, the main way being DIY. For example, using the same technique as the pen pot you can use hot glue to stick rope around a basic vase. This, along with some paint can change a normal boring vase into a statement piece for your fireplace in no time. 

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