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17 Best Gifts for a Graduation

17 Best Gifts for a Graduation

Graduation time, Class of 2022! We have curated a selection of the best graduation gifts, perfect for someone finishing college, university or school.

(Please note prices are accurate as of time of publication)


1. A 'Personalised ConGRADulations Graduation Card', personalised with your chosen name and town/city, makes the perfect gift for someone celebrating the end of their degree.

Graduation Card reads "ConGRADulations"

Get it from Studio Yelle for £3.95 




2. A 'Personalised Graduation Card', perfect for her on graduation day.

Congratulations Graduation Card

Get it from LittleOliveBranchCo on Etsy for £3.95




3. This 'Personalised Engraved Square Slate Coaster' makes a beautiful keepsake for the graduation.

Personalised Graduation Coaster

Get it from Padding Paws on Etsy for £4.99




4. A 'Personalised Best Lawyer Coaster' for the friend or family member who is finishing law school. Also available in other occupations, such as accountant.

Personalised Best Lawyer Coaster With Location

Get it from Studio Yelle for £4.99




5. A 'Personalised Graduate Keyring' so your recipient can carry around and remind themselves how proud you are of them.

Personalised Graduation Keyring

Get it from KricarCreations on Etsy for £4.90




6. A pair of 'Personalised Graduation Square Cufflinks', perfect for him as a graduation gift.

Get it from Ellie Ellie on On The High Street for £4.90




7. A 'Personalised It's Dr, Actually PhD Mug' for the friend or family member who has just become a doctor.

Get it from Studio Yelle for £12.95 




8. A 'Dangerously Overeducated 11oz Mug' perfect for a hard working individual who has pushed themselves to graduate.

Graduation Mug reads "Dangerously Overeducated"

Get it from Cafe Press for £9.75 




9. A 'Personalised ConGRADulations Graduation Mug' makes the perfect mug to remind them how proud you are of them!

Personalised Graduation Gift Mug reads "ConGRADulations"

Get it from Studio Yelle for £12.95 




10. A 'Customised Graduate Plaque' proud mum of a graduate award, perfect as a gift from a mother to her graduate son or daugther.

Wooden Personalised Graduation Plaque

Get it from TrophiesPlusMedals for £19.99




11. A 'She Believed She Could So She Smashed It Pocket Mirror' not only is a handy compact mirror, but also a reminder that you smashed your graduation!

Compact Pocket Mirror Gift for Her reads "She Believed She Could So She Absolutely Smashed It"

Get it from Studio Yelle for £4.95




12. A 'Personalised Engraved Juniper Gin Balloon Glass' for celebrating all night long after finally passing your exams.

Personalised Gin Glass

Get it from Amazon for £11.95




13. A 'Gin The Mood - Cocktail Recipe Book' to help you celebrate as big as your achievement.

Gin Cocktail Recipe Book

Get it from John Lewis for £6.55




14. A 'Pioneer Congratulations Graduation Bubble Balloon In A Box' to give your recipient the surprise they most likely need after a stressful period.

Get it from Argos for £14.99




15. An 'Embroidered Personalised Graduation Teddy Bear' with an adorable jumper is a perfect reminder of the graduation time, perfect for displaying in homes as a keepsake.

Personalised Graduation Teddy Bear

Get it from The Gift Experience for £19.99 




16. A 'Personalised Classic Wooden Pen and Pencil Gift Set' so that your recipient has everything they need for the next stage of their life, whilst at the same time providing a little reminder of the graduation time.

Personalised Pen with Box

Get it from Smart Gifts for £17.95




18. A 'Graduation Clock' to battle those lazy mornings which will come from graduating.

Graduation Clock

Get it from The Gift Experience for £26.99

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