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Ways To Celebrate The Jubilee Weekend

Ways To Celebrate The Jubilee Weekend

What does the Queen's Jubilee Celebrate?

A jubilee is a special celebration of a King or Queen’s reign. They take place after the monarch has ruled for a certain number of years. Each year is associated with a precious metal. For example, a 25 year reign will result in a Silver Jubilee celebration whereas a 50 year reign will result in a Gold Jubilee celebration.

Jubilees have been celebrated since the 1300s with a more recent and prominent jubilee being Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, celebrated in the late 1890s. Celebrations included fireworks, feasts, music and games in order to celebrate Britain and the long running monarch. In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II and the UK will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee: her 70th year on the throne.


Ways To Celebrate:

The most common ways that jubilees are celebrated is through parties. Whether this be large scale, organised events with hundreds of people or a small get together in your back garden, both are perfect ways to celebrate. Anyone who wants to hold a street party is welcome to do so from Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June. The events usually consists of playing music, dancing, singing, games, eating, chatting with friends, family and neighbours and just about anything you usually do at a party. These events are not limited to large scale, and many small parties and get togethers take place in people's gardens or driveways. No matter where your from, there's bound to be a local street or garden party who would love to celebrate with you.

Not a party person? Manty other royal-related events are held around the jubilee weekend as not everybody wants to go to a street party. For example, there are many local organised picnics and concerts such as Picnic In The Park and Fit For A Queen Weekend. These events are still a part of the jubilee celebrations, but allow a more varied group of people to enjoy the celebrations. For example, a hardcore music lover would love the Fit For A Queen Weekend as it will combine their love of music with a celebration of the jubilee.


Street Parties:

Street parties are the most common form of celebration over the Jubilee weekend. This year there is estimated to be 12 million people set to partake in the celebrations with over 16,000 official street parties taking place across the UK. You can look at the Platinum Jubilee website to look at their interactive map to find a local street party, or adding your own party to the map. This is an easy way to find a celebration close to you.


Street Party Decorations:

Decorating your street party with Union Flag-themed items is perfect for the jubilee. Whilst this is easiest bought from somewhere, you could attempt to make some yourself, such as some Union Flag bunting. To decorate your street party, you could:

  • Hang up Union Flag bunting 

Union Flag Bunting

  • Hang up some balloons

red white blue balloons


  • Use Union Flag plates, cups and napkins


  • Use a British-themed table cloth

British Union Jack Flag Table Cloth


  • Afternoon tea stands are a strong British reference and a staple of tea parties in the UK

Tea Party Stand Cupcake 3 Tier Stand Union Jack British Flag


  • Use British-themed straws and cake toppers to make each item feel special

Some ideas for some DIY street party decorations are:

  • Use balloons to make balloon arches
  • Create red-white-blue flower arrangements for the table
  • Make some cake toppers, table numbers and signs for food


Street Party Food:

One of the main aspects of a street party is food involved. Traditionally, in a Jubilee celebration, iconic British foods will be served to keep with the theme of the UK. Some ideas for British-themed food for your parties are:


  • Gin & Tonic drizzle loaf for something different that it still classically British

Gin and Tonic Loaf Cake

  • Eton Mess, a classic British dessert

Eton Mess

  • Mini Victoria sponges

Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes

  • Scones with jam and clotted cream are one of the most iconic British food items that can be bought from shops.
  • Party foods such as pies, quiche, sausage rolls and sandwiches as quick bites for guests.

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